Inch by inch I slowly make progress toward a better future,

it is not simple to make progress over the psychosis I live in,

but quitting of anykind, or surrendering to failure of any kind 

is not an option, but yet, WHAT ARE MY OPTIONS?. I use to go to my brothers and sisters

for advice, but no more, I have cut them out of my life forever, 

they are a toxic sort of people, they are rumor mongering betrayers

of trust, so to me that family is dead to me, I cut them out for lyinng and slowing my progress inch by inch, they are a distraction that is useless to me, yes I

treat them as things and not as humans, my use for them to make

my world better is of great import, if they serve me with no utility, they 

are cut from my life and memory, they are symbolic of hate, lying, screaming, 

filled with nightmarish lies and deciet, they are gone so I can inch my way slowly to

a new life, I will not let violentt haters of truth impede my progress in treating my