Poem Draft
This closer to a finished piece than a draft, but I thought I'd share it with you anyways. A lot of the poems I've written are free verse, though I have tried my hand at traditional iambic pentameter. (While I had planned on trying to do character sketches, I've decided to drop them because I can't draw very well or very fast. So I decided to add poems to the mix instead. Enjoy!)


Rain pours from darkened skies,

Covers the ground.

Creatures hid in brush and bush

To hide from the thunder,

To hide from the storm.

Wind howls through the night 

As nature battles nature over territory,

Tiny creatures caught up in the turmoil.

Might versus Might war together

Over who is stronger: the storm or the earth.

Lightning strikes and burns the brush

Before arrows of rain pound out the smoke and flame.

Suddenly, the clouds disappear, dispersing.

Steam rises like red smoke in the new dawn's light.

Wavering, trembling leaves now relax

In the morning glow.

The storm is over, its shadow gone.

Night ends as the sun walks out over the land.

The cold air warms in the sunlight. 

The night is over,

The dawn has won.


(This is public due to this poem technically being publicly available because it was published in a literature magazine for a class at my college. Some of my poems will be posted publicly because I've posted them elsewhere.)