poem from a subscriber in Bulgaria

Hello, Brother Richie! 

(Please excuse my English)

I wrote this 'piece-of-crap-poetry' bellow, as special thanks for all the real fighters out there. 
It is a honor to follow your work. Wearing the full armour of God I pray for us all. 

If  I can help you in any way (I have some web programming experience and a  problem similar to yours ;)) - please feel free to contact me.

global morning
good morning to all awakened
take this words before the weekend
all the sleepers with a herd mentality
will be ignored by the bright reality
the maker gave us all we needed
to reflect him, but we try to cheat it
lies were shouted - looking at the mirror
the truth became a myth - ignored or feared
the mirror was replaces by flashing screen
reducing all the colors to red, blue and green
we are also trying to reduce the sun
it reduced itself - as a warning or for fun
the day became a gray decay
and for all our troubles we complain with: 'they'
they are gray, or maybe fairy tale
they are up, elected by their prey
day by day we live - expected to be paid
refusing to know what future we've laid
messy future - that have to be said 
let's make the children janitors and maids
envying the flashing screen 
we want to by just red, blue or green
global warning or a grand sun minimum
we all fear from what trump is putting in the bb gun
trans-fears, glass tears - just another fake reality
the eyes are shut before real sickness and brutality
the end is nigh - the short night-sleep ended
the knights stole our past - a holly arces made them bended
lets hope this words continue to be just a typos
and let's make this missue just another psycho

Mihail Mirchev (missue), 84'
Sofia, Bulgaria