Poem: Good Morning, Moon
Here is another Magical and Mythological themed poem toward the month's poetry collection and as always toward that anthology that will be compiled every year. Patron funding helps contribute to such public postings.

Good Morning, Moon


In the morning She flipped on the light,

and then Declared, "let there be coffee."

Then it was so.

The sun out the window was too bright

but She was not in charge of that.

Thus, the Sun stayed.

The Moon was not sure why she was up;

She sipped the brew in her cup

and Felt the tides of day.

She closed her eyes and heard the gallop

of the Sun's fiery, winged feet

coursing the Celestial Road.

The Moon sank into her deep starred seat

and took up paper and ink laden quill

To write the basis of dreams.

~Teresa Garcia

May 4, 2017