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POEM: In the Vein of So Many Others
I'm actually stupid proud of this sonnet. I'm not sure it will get much traction in magazines, being a sonnet, but I did try a couple of times. It didn't make it, and I've been chafing to share it for a long time now. Today I wanted to share something I really loved, so here we are. 

"Blues for Sister Sally"  is a Beat poem by Lenore Kandel that I just adore. Women were major in the Beat movement, but they didn't get the wide fame of Kerouac or Ginsberg. Still, Kandel got one of her chapbooks banned for obscenity, which has got to be a Life Goal for a lot of writers. 

I read Junky last year and thought it was the shit. My writing notebook from that time is filled with quotes and thoughts about that book. I went into a bookstore and flicked through some of their poetry books, and found that one by Kandel. I found it online, printed it out, and stuck it into my notebook. I wrote this not too long after I'd finished Junky. The Beats might not like it. I'm not sure they were sonnet fans. But I love sonnets. I love poems with rules. They're tricky. 

I'm not sure how common it is to throw in a CDDC stanza between two ABAB ones, but I liked doing that here. It twists it up a bit. 

Throwing my wretched poems into the electronic ether,