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The Poem is My Home
You can watch the video here:


On the last tour we really connected with the poetry. Sometimes it was the poetry of our song lyrics recited solo without music. Sometimes I recited things while Maria backed me on guitar. (One night, I even recited a Don Williams song the day he died. You know, the one where he says "I don't believe that heaven waits for only those who congregate" and a bunch of other common sense truths that aren't as common as they ought to be.)  We embraced the words this tour in a new way and gave them their place on stage. 

So we wanted to give The Road is My Home its place. As many of you know, the poem became "El Camino es Mi Casa," a sort of anthem for us. It was born of an intense tour. We recovered by drinking cold beers on the Bayou and writing this poem which became a song. 

For this month's creation, we made a spoken-word video to let those words have their due -- without having to vie with all that pesky music!

Kevin and María