Poem on Tor.com and Update
I just remembered I meant to post about this here. I have a poem on Tor.com, the first poem I have written and not posted here since I started the Patreon -- it's part of the International Women's Day thing they did, with a series of flash fictions on the theme of "Nevertheless She Persisted ". Mine is called "Jump Rope Rhyme " and it's a poem, The one I commend to your attention, though it's formatted as prose, is Amal El Mohtar's amazing and moving Anabasis.  Sorry -- I meant to link to it at the time but I was busy and then forgot.

And while I'm talking about things, I will have a short story collection coming out from Tachyon books, and it will also contain some poems. This is not the big poetry collection I want to do, but thanks to your continued support, it looks as if I might be able to fund that in about a year. Meanwhile your money is going to support other artists here, to support my book, theatre, and art, habit, and right now is being saved towards a trip to Italy in the summer. Emmet's still between jobs, so this is really helping a lot to make that possible.

Tier Benefits
Pledge $1 or more per Poem
53 patrons
My thanks, and the continuing stream of poems.
Pledge $5 or more per Poem
10 patrons
I will share the Eowyn poems I wrote in 1996 with everyone at this level. There are seven of them, and a couple of them are really pretty good pastiche feminist Anglo-Saxon poetry.
Pledge $11 or more per Poem
0 patrons
Everyone at this level can suggest a subject or mode for a poem, and every month I will pick one and write it.
Pledge $20 or more per Poem
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We joke about producing a volume of "Jo Walton's False Starts" -- all the novels I begin and then can't actually write. I'll go through my hard drive and find some that I'm definitely never going to finish and post them for patrons only. Will include the Mori on the moon fragment of Among Others sequel "Beside Ourselves".
Pledge $51 or more per Poem
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As with the $20 reward, you get unfinished fragments, and you can suggest subjects for poems, PLUS I will have dinner with you at Worldcon, or another con we're both going to, once a year.
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