Poem on Tor.com and Update
I just remembered I meant to post about this here. I have a poem on Tor.com, the first poem I have written and not posted here since I started the Patreon -- it's part of the International Women's Day thing they did, with a series of flash fictions on the theme of "Nevertheless She Persisted ". Mine is called "Jump Rope Rhyme " and it's a poem, The one I commend to your attention, though it's formatted as prose, is Amal El Mohtar's amazing and moving Anabasis.  Sorry -- I meant to link to it at the time but I was busy and then forgot.

And while I'm talking about things, I will have a short story collection coming out from Tachyon books, and it will also contain some poems. This is not the big poetry collection I want to do, but thanks to your continued support, it looks as if I might be able to fund that in about a year. Meanwhile your money is going to support other artists here, to support my book, theatre, and art, habit, and right now is being saved towards a trip to Italy in the summer. Emmet's still between jobs, so this is really helping a lot to make that possible.