Poem: Power of Silence
Power of Silence

Do you know the power of silence?

Why a witch choses with care

The words that leave her lips

And her thoughts thus bare?

Do you know the Pyramid of Power;

To Know, To Dare, To Will

To be Silent above all.

What good from being so still?

What the Witches know to be true

Focuses their power through Action

Saving the energy that would be lost

And make the Will lose traction.

Why waste a word, a precious word,

A piece of soul and sleeping spell?

Keep it quiet, keep it calm

Measured in beats as footsteps fell

Beneath your pacing feet through time

Whether in Circle working or outer land

Dancing ever with the shifting tide

Flowing out of Lady’s silvered hand.

Know that you will get there

Achieve the goal you Dare to Dream.

Will yourself through the Gate

Unleashing the strength of the Stream

But be silent with what you do

Holding focus, and choosing Words

Saving breath with steady steps

Be the calm within the storm.


In part this is why dialog is not the driving force within my written works. I have had it commented to be before that in my novels I do not have enough speaking parts. The reason actually dwells somewhat within the Witch's Pyramid: To Know, To Dare, To Will, and to Keep Silent. There is a seductive power in the Silence. This is also why I speak less than many.