A poem to start things off!
Here is my poem entitled "Potential"


I've got the potential of an unsprung season,
if i realise it by autumn then it'll give me time to


Just like a crescendo will find a diminuendo,
or a word-play will find

Just like the hero in our stories unpicks every stitch in the needlework of the villain
just for that one thread in the fabric of his life that he can actually

In reality when I'm riding my bicycle and the wheels are turning
I'll think about the big revolving world and my small place under that cloudy carousel
And as my thoughts ping like gravel in the spokes; i will sing in familiar notes,
Just as my body is so kinetic, my mind has such potential that
every single
word i slake is

I just need a sense of self precision, to make a commited effort towards a decision
Or at least to make a dedicated apathy of my indecision
And then perhaps


Like Will and Lyra
can make a great and gaping incision .
Between an Answer and an Outcome,
jump in and pull out the conclusion,
that allays all of lifes deterministic confusion,
you can't live it like a scripted illusion;
You are the Answer, this instance is the Outcome.

We are me, are my delusion.

By Kyle Parsons