Poem: Unicorn Pondering
Unicorn Pondering


How do you judge the growth

Of a woman or a man

Wandering the mists of time

Leaving their stamp upon the land?

Is it in their words and deeds

Or the thoughts that are left behind

The “might be”s, the “will be”s

The treasures in the mind?

How do you judge someone

And decide if they are bad or good

Is it thoughts, words, deeds

Some vibe emanating in the wood?

When you gaze at a man

Standing by your sacred pool

What brings you from the shadow

So safe, dark, cool?

Is it the gentle maid

He so obviously stands to protect

Even though she has in hand

A sword of her own, well bedecked?

As the species grows and spreads

Can we only watch and wait

As they take over what was ours

And trust then to fate?

Should we emerge from safety

And reclaim our former place

Weaving mystery, making magic

In the spaces within space?

This particular poem actually took three months to have fall into place properly.