Poetry Corner: Waiting
I check my phone.


I’ve seen every

Facebook Post

Tumblr blog


My battery is dying.

No comments

No texts

No calls

            Not like anyone calls anymore.

I have things I need to do,

So please hurry.

Whatever it is.


I’d like to stop waiting

Waiting for this thing to happen

This thing that will let me start my life

This thing that will let me



I do things in the meantime

Waiting things.

None of them things I want to do

Or need to do

Or like to do

They are the things I do

While waiting for something

To let me be me.

I stare at the wall,

I make tea,

I idly scroll through the web.

Waiting to clean my house,

To do the grocery shopping,

To play my games,

I meet people,

To read,

To write,

To live.

I don’t know why I’m waiting.

Could someone tell me please?

How long do I have to wait for?

Will I know when I’m done waiting?

What am I waiting for?

Is anyone else waiting?

Will I be waiting until….


My battery’s dead