Poetry Entry Number Two

Look and Learn


Shannon Thompson

The strong taste at the tip of my tongue

The warm rays of the sun

Each morning a new plan

Each evening reran

Life plans and plots

Life stalls and stops

Erect each moment in time

Defy the ones you left behind

Promise them they’ll live forever

Nothing can erase a believer

Introspection cannot happen

Without looking at your reflection

However painful


The Wait

by Shannon Thompson

You wait for it, but it never comes.

More wine, less words.

Waiting for a break in the clouds.

For the emergence of a reflection.

The feeling needs to be unearthed or put to bed forever.

Or maybe you could sleep on it and not be so dramatic.  

The Urge To Purge

by Shannon Thompson


Endorphins spiked, I grab this mic

Open my mouth, let the hate out

Reactions small and large

I feel my battery recharge

Normal breaths, I drink to excess

I wake in the morning and feel my anxiety regress

Cures are won and lost with each word and breath.