Poetry Preaches: Focus

Can you remember the last time that you were stressed? Of course you could, for some of us, it wouldn’t be too long ago. But remember the last time that you were stressed and confused and you were given the advice to focus on something or the other. Again, that must not be too long ago either. Now, can you remember how many times you have been given such advice? Many times, I assume.

So, what is this “focus” people are always talking about every time? And does achieving focus solve anything. The answer is, Yes (Of course, or else why would I write about it and even before you ask, yes it is related to poetry in some way. What? Are you new here? Go subscribe/Follow and read more). *suppresses smile* *clears throat*

In the fiend of poetry, it’s nearly impossible to write a poem amidst distractions. Though we might very well be inspired by that very chaos but cannot complete the poem effectively in that chaos. We need seclusion, of some degree or/and form depending on the creator. But what we all invariably need is: Focus.

Now, I am sure almost everyone of you would have at least one instant in mind, when you did write something, you are very proud of, in the middle of a market, bus, shop, etc. Come on, don’t lie to me. Tell me that you were distracted while writing. Go on, lie to me. We don’t need external influences to be distracted. And we don’t need exclusion of our surrounding to be focused.

If you are a creative person, this must have happened with you, at least once, that you are about to write a poem (read create something!) but you feel stuck. You know what you want to write but somehow words seem so foreign. You feel a great build up but are unable to channel it. There’s just too much noise, chatter or chaos of thoughts. You seem ready but are too distracted to act. And if you could remember, only after singling out an idea, polishing it, and focusing solely on it that you were able to write something.

We need peace, inner peace, of mind, heart and soul. Only when we are focused can we harness the creative energies gifted to us by the universe. Only then can we truly create something very beautiful, in life (and of course in poetry, catch up mate!). So let poetry guide you in creating a beautiful life around a focused, at peace and happy soul, your-self.