Poetry Series Announcement: Lila and Loki
Upcoming: a 6 piece series of archetypal love poetry. Over the past 6 months, I have been receiving dialogues in the form of love-letter poetry, between two archetypes. Their names as they have been revealed to me are: Loki: the sacred clown, wise fool, shape-shifting trickster Lila: Compassion in action, divine cosmic play This series speaks to the ever present evolution of life, the self-awareness of archetypes & deities, and the timeless story of Love. Though these names have been known in many different stories and culture, the way I am presenting them is intended to be a synthesis, a fusion, overlapping energies of many influences. The philosophical and cosmological basis is largely inspired and influenced by the work of : Brian Swimme (cosmologist, journeyoftheuniverse.org) Pamela Eakins (sociologist, author, pamelaeakins.net) Dr. Jean Houston (philosopher, scholar, jeanhouston.com) Peggy Rubin (author, teacher, http://www.peggyrubin.com) Joseph Campbell (writer, mythologist, http://www.jcf.org/new/index.php?categoryid=11) I will be sharing a series of 6 pieces. The first piece will be shared publicly, here on Patreon. The rest of the series will be available to patrons only. If you are interested in becoming a patron to have access to the rest of the series, please visit : http://www.patreon.com/bePatron?u=284500&patAmt=1 Sharing this is unlocking a place of creativity not previously revealed. I am gracious to those of you who choose to join along in this journey.
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