Poi to the World Summer Collection 2018
These are the brand new poi that are available from Poi to the World. Handmade by me. They all sold at 30" long but they are designed so that sizing down is easy. They can go all the way down to 20". All you have to do is slide the handle down, tie and new knot, cut extra fabric off the end as needed. This way everyone can get their custom fit.
3 new kinds of fabric. We have the gold and teal mandala print, the snow mandala print, and the tropical couch print (I'll explain the couch part later.) All 3 fabrics are non stretch. The tropical couch print is special because they're made using extra heavy weight fabric normally used for couch cushions. this means the poi are extra strong, a little stiffer for a new slow spinning experience and they can be easily cleaned.

All of the poi are extra plush and made with more fabric than is actually necessary. Its a trifold design that makes for a better balanced poi, for tosses, tangles, and air wraps. (and contact, they fit an 80MM contact ball perfectly, contact balls not currently in stock tho)

All the handles are sourced from Lanternsmith.com. They're the new pom version 2. I have 6 colors to choose from, clear, white, black, blue, green, and purple.

All of the poi have a pocket opening so the weights in side can be changed easily. By default I ship with tennis balls but you can request tennis balls filled with rice or lentil bean bags. All of the poi are designed with a pokect opening so the inside balls can be removed easily for washing or is you just wanna change up with weight.

$40 per pair plus shipping (sets of 3 available). Message me to place an order. They're ready to go out so I can ship right away