Pointless Facts Friday
All right! For the first ever list of useless trivia about Under-London and its denizens, please consider the following:
  • Neil’s favorite pair of shoes just fell apart recently. He’d had these same shoes for like, three years. They weren’t even name-brand, just some blue ones he found at Marks and Sparks and really happened to like.
  • Devon’s favorite word is ‘tuft.’ Just say it out loud. Right?
  • Uncle Sig secretly enjoys Eastenders… but wouldn’t admit to it, even under pain of torture. Martin still isn’t sure, yet, but he’s got suspicions.
  • When they were younger, Neil accidentally ran over the neighbor-lady’s dog with his bike. It was a yappy, terrible thing that tried to bite them, and he really didn’t mean to. Still, Eden lied and said she did it, and took the punishment instead. Don’t worry about the yappy-dog, though. It healed up just fine, and never bothered them again.
  • Devon’s mum is Enfys Beanna (née Ransley). When he followed Sig and Martin to Under-London, Devon resumed the Ransley name under the assumption he would likely have to carry on the royal line.
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