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a pointless update + a pointless free song!
Hey friends! How's 2017 going for you so far? I hope you're all healthy and happy. 

I'm sure you've noticed my priorities have changed a bit since we adopted our miraculously amazing son Charlie. I haven't made the time to shoot new big videos this year, so I thought I'd upload a brief update so you could get a little glimpse into my life with Mr. C. I also appreciate that you're here to support me, so I'm going to go ahead and let this be the only charged video you have from me this month -- and use the money to fund the prank video shoots I have next week on the JoCo Cruise!!! I'm excited.

Lastly, attached is this month's free mp3 -- a song I really love which I wrote the lyrics for and my brother recorded. It's called "Hey Lady" and I've never been more proud of anything, ever. I thought I had uploaded it here already before but I searched and couldn't find it, so here it is. If I'm wrong and you already have it, let me know and I'll upload another free mp3! Have a great rest of your February, friends. See you soon with new videos I PROMISE!!!