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The Poisoned Chambers
Somewhere beneath the old ruins is the space where the angel Araqiel fell in combat with the feathered serpent demon Quxaccoaw. The dungeons here are scattered with the deadly toxic feathers of the demon and the mixed blood of the two combatants, making the very environment hostile to explorers.

Even with only a half-dozen chambers in the dungeons, only one expedition to find the remnants of either of the combatants has returned. The dungeon walls and floor seem malevolent now with the ichor of the two foes upon them, and even brushing against one of Quxaccoaw’s feathers generally spells inevitable demise from one virulent toxin or another.

But of course, that is like candy to a master assassin and poisoner like Bourvek of Three Hills… and the added bonus of hopefully finding the actual body (or bodies) of the angel or demon with the artifacts that would entail?

So pack lots of antitoxins, resistance spells and restorations, for the MacGuffin requires us to travel to these Poisoned Chambers.

This is one of two smaller maps I drew last month while waiting with my girlfriend for her mother in various waiting rooms. Thankfully I have these lovely A6 booklets from Squarehex that are easy to carry around just about anywhere and that have a nice hard cover making them easy to draw on even in cramped waiting room chairs.

You can download the map from the blog post at