PokeLocate live map!
You can view the map in development, and help us collect locations, at


The map is VERY buggy at the moment, and may be misreporting gyms as stops, but this will be corrected soon (or sooner with pledges ;D). 

If you are viewing the map from a mobile, you may intermittently get a blank map. This is due to a glitch with collecting GPS data from your device. To resolve this issue for now, open another app that uses GPS (such as Pokemon Go), then switch back and load the page. 

Also note that you will be redirected back to the main page with https://pokelocate/?status=scrapedin the url box. If you are moving, you will need to run it again. On android devices, just press your back arrow once, or select https://pokelocate.com from your history. 

Loading is slow at the moment, we are working on a system to limit the stops returned to only a local area.