Pokémon GO Fest Details & YouTube Giveaway Details
So this post is about two different things, so hopefully, 1 of the 2 apply here. 

Pokémon GO Fest

I am trying to plan a Meet-up for after Pokémon GO Fest. This means even if you can not attend Pokémon GO Fest, you can join Will, Irene, Micah, and SBJ afterward for dinner and to meet other PKMNcast fans. If you have even the slightest interest in attending the meet-up, please fill out this form ASAPso I can book a room: https://goo.gl/forms/vZlg7CHRCmJfG0xy2

This is just a "soft yes," so if you find out the day before you can't attend, do not worry about it. 

YouTube Giveaway

If you missed it last week, four Pokémon Center reviews went up about the Pokémon Gallery Figures. One lucky winner will win all four of these on Friday (7/14). 

To enter to win, you have to subscribe to youtube.com/pkmncast and like and comment on the videos. You can enter up to four times by Liking/Commenting on each of the Gallery Figures videos. These videos are about six mins long and (hopefully) entertaining. More Pokémon Center reviews coming this week too.