Pokémon Gold Version Unused Unfinished Super Game Boy BIOS SNES OBJ_TRN C1 DATA_SND 79 Mode
Showcasing more games with the unused unfinished SNES OBJ_TRN mode function enabled just in time for the new 3DS virtual console releases.

Unfortunately the initial video was eaten and is now permanently lost. You're not missing much except starting a new game.

Since my recording of Pokemon Gold OBJ_TRN was eaten by the recorder yesterday and didn't feel like playing it through again, I decided to upload this instead. Plus, it also coincides with my GBS rip video.

*Each of the 24 8x8 or 16x16 objects can be set to either opaque or allow transparent. Overlapping per object is possible, and the prior entree will overlap the next without interfering with GBP settings.

Original video discovery and explanation of the unused and unfinished SNES OBJ_TRN mode programming: