Pokemon Gracidea Flower Free Cross Stitch Pattern

Today's pattern was requested by someone on the Pixel Stitch Discord server recently. It's just a quick little game sprite, but I hope you like it. If you're not on the Discord yet, feel free to come hang out. We've got a ton of friendly stitchers on there already and it's been pretty chatty lately!

Sorry for the lack of post last week. I can't believe it's been almost two weeks since moving day. :o

We're still recovering from several days of heavy lifting. And our wallets are recovering from several thousand dollars in new household necessities and furniture. Repair costs for things broken in the move.  Hours of IKEA building. Not to mention figuring out how to handle the fact that 90% of our outlets are ungrounded. Including all the ones in rooms that were meant to have computers/electronics hooked up. Ugh! It's always *something* with moving, isn't it?

There's still a lot to unpack. And working full time slows the process down, but things are progressing slowly. I'm very excited about how the new office is coming along, though!

Still need to install a pegboard over the left leg there for craft tools and current Etsy stock.  I also need to hang up a bunch of art behind me and get the radiator in that room fixed so it's not freezing down there all the time. And maybe better lighting for the rest of the room that's not directly under my box lights. ;)

But man, it's sooo exciting. I can't wait to get back to streaming and maybe making some more finishing tutorial videos! :o Plus, y'know. Getting some stitching done on some original designs to share with you all.

Taking suggestions on what to update that backlit "Learn X-Stitch!" sign on my shelf. I used it for my booth at TwitchCon, but if it's just gonna decorate my room now, I don't need to learn to stitch, y'know? ;) Let me know if you have ideas! Only fits about 9 characters on each line. And it did come with emoji, soo. Go wild. 

As always, thanks soooo much for your support and patience through this process. <3

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