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Pokemon Red Blue Yellow VICTORY ROAD / CHAMPION THEME - Metal Cover
Hey guys! So It's been a zillion years since I've done a Pokemon cover, and a zillion and a half since a Red / Blue / Yellow one at that! It feels great to bust out this gem of a theme. I've been getting requests for this for years and years and a part of me just wanted to wait to unleash it as kind of a come-back to Pokemon sort of thing. With Sun and Moon being announced I figured right now was the right time! I've also always wanted to do a metal cover of Victory Road but it doesn't really have enough going on by itself to flesh out into an entire cover so I had the idea to combine champion battle with victory road. This was pretty challenging though because Victory Road is in the key of D and the original Champion theme was in the key of E. So I transposed the champion battle theme down to D to match Victory Road! 

Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy it, thank you for supporting the channel and for supporting video game metal! \m/

~ Jack / ToxicxEternity