Pokemon Switch AND Fallout 76?! - What's Good Games (Ep. 55)

Strap in because we have a 3 hour podcast for you. Like, damn, I think this is our longest show yet? But it's a GREAT one and PLUS we had Brandon Jones from Easy Allies join us this week! HE'S THE BEEEST.

I, uh, kind of melted down and lost my mind because we got to talk about Pokemon this week. I grunt a lot in this episode. It was involuntary and I apologize.

Don't forget if you pledge $10+ a month our very first pre-show livestream is Tuesday, June 5th! Hang with us via livestream before we shoot the show. :) We will skip the week following as we'll be at E3. After that the next livestream is expected Wednesday, June 20th! (We typically record on Wednesdays, but with E3 we need to record a day early next week.)

I hope you enjoy the show, and I hope you have a wonderful weekend! 


<333 Britt