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Pokemon: Tyanitar | Official Trailer [HD]
"You can't catch them all. Not this time..."

Since Godzilla (2014) came out, we had the idea to take the Pokemon based on Tōhō's legendary kaiju and scale them up to the size of their inspirations. We found out later that this idea had been hinted at in Black & White 2, but refused to let that stop us. Obviously a full feature length film is a little out of our budget, but we loved the idea too much to fully let it go. We eventually settled on a fake movie preview, similar to the Grindhouse trailers, so we could show off the best bits but not be committed to filming a full two hours of content.

Towards the end of last year we finally shot the actors, and have been working our way through the VFX Pokemon since then.

We're proud, and a little bit nervous, to finally release the completed trailer after having worked on it for so long! Although we have no plans at the moment to make the film this trailer is based on, hopefully someone at Nintendo and Game Freak takes note and makes this teaser a reality. Meanwhile I'm wondering what other Pokemon / B-Movie crossover we should make next? Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds would be pretty spectacular to see with swarms of Flying Type Pokemon.

- Elliot