Police Motorbike by Deryk Houston
This was one of my best realist pieces I think. By that time I was getting the detail right. The photo here does not show the detail very well but in the original, every detail is sharp as a tack. The process of painting this kind of work, places you into a whole new world of reality. For example, when I was working on the detail of a little bolt, I found myself lifting my sleeve out of the way in case it got caught on one of the other bolts.  (Which couldn;t happen because it is only a painting and not real). Another example was  while I was adding detail to the steps that appeared beyond the inside of the front wheel, I would find myself pulling in my elbows ...as if I was actually leaning through the front wheels as I worked on the detail of the steps. The level of detail was that engaging to my brain.  What I like about this painting is the story. The jpeg photo shown above, is not sharp enough to make out a set of keys in the foreground ( in the original painting the keys are in sharp focus). I liked the idea of the keys to the police motorbike being there as an invitation to jump on the bike and drive off with it!

I don't trust authority. I see it being abused too much. 

This painting is insured today for thirty five thousand dollars by the client that bought it. (As are my other realist pieces.) 

So..... the lesson of this story is to buy my originals:)