Police visits are becoming the norm anymore
 Never a dull moment in camp. A couple I met walking by our camp a few  days ago decided to call the police on me. Claimed I smelled like pot  and was suspicious. Funny thing is, I don't smoke pot. Don't eat it  either. If it were legal and growing all around me I would treat it like  every other weed and ignore it. I suppose one needs to exaggerate when  seeking to get the police out on a call.
I suppose we fear what we  don't understand. The build for Tamra's new home will start in earnest  on Monday. The officers where great and hinted that they would be back  with a narcotics K-9 unit. Oh my. 

   It was suggested that if we had anything that we get rid of it. I didn't think much of it, but Boomhauer Erno  thought it was a harbinger that they would be coming back to inspect  further. Clearly, none of us were under the influence of anything when  the impromptu visit took place and I even showed a couple of them the  inside of my rig, which didn't smell like pot, nor a masking agent. I  suppose we'll see. As per usual, I invited them to drop in anytime  during our stay and I'm leaning STRONGLY to having a sandwich board made  up to put out at these events stating "FILM CREW ON LOCATION. YOU ARE  WELCOME TO COME ASK QUESTIONS. WE DON'T BITE!"