Politicsx3 Headline Roundup - 9/19/17
Written in Oakland, CA


Health Care scramble!

Final Gasp on Obamacare repeal v. Democratic push to stabilize Obamacare markets! Who will dive in and find the monkey before new congressional rules hit at the end of the month?


The Education of Mr. Trump


Why is Donald Trump making decisions he'd have mocked before? 

How is he going from Muslim Travel Ban and to deals with Nance n' Chuck? Has he gone from Pede to Cuck? 

According to Mike Allen, his information and influence has been drastically reshaped and now the America First nationalist interest has next to no voice. 

He also insinuates that Bannon goaded him into the Transgender Military Ban with a phone call.

Aggressive Mueller Investigation is aggressive


Not exactly sure what the point of this story is except to say that Mueller seems to be moving a lot faster and with more authority than a general white collar crime investigation. But I have no idea how slow that moves or if this SHOULD be more like that.

Specifically when the biggest Manafort news seems to be....

Manafort was wiretapped before and after the election


Interesting for a few different reasons. First, shows how much of a liability Manafort was from the beginning. Remember, Trump turned to him in a pivotal moment of his campaign where he had to jettison his last campaign manager for goon handing a friendly journalist and generally being the guy who gets yelled at for being too loud at the sports bar. Second, it means Trump had a point when he went buck wild about "wiretapping" in Trump Tower. 


According to Devil's Bargain, Manafort lives in Trump Tower which made him a natural fit to succeed Lewandowsky. No word on if this makes Obama a bad (or sick) guy.

Trump throws red meat at the UN


Calls out Iran and North Korea (Gruesome Twosome? The Straight Line of Evil?) that will fairly predictably make liberals vomit because it's too boorish, make America First isolationists wince because it's too saber rattling and make Neo Cons chub up as it projects American Power from the pelvis first. 


Also, it looks like he really rolling with this Rocket Man thing.

Twitter joins Facebook in the crosshairs of congress for it's involvement in 2016 Russian propoganda


Trump to campaign in Alabama... against Steve Bannon's chosen son who is ahead in the polls