Politicsx3 Headlines - 9/25/17

Written in Las Vegas

Trump's weekend playbook: #SticktoSports

Trump had a bad week. John McCain seemed to deal a death blow health care repeal... again...


Trump backed the establishment candidate in an Alabama Senate Special Election runoff and it looks like he might lose. His opponent is leading the polls thanks to a huge push by Breitbart. So hard, the site was banned from a Alabama rally Trump held Friday.


Behind a the mic, he even hedged his bets on his endorsement, saying he might have made a mistake.


It's a roll Trump has not played often: out of moves and drifting from his base. 

But when his opposition had all the answers, Trump changed the question:


The NFL protested:


The NBA protested:


Trump kept the heat on with tweets:


And with that, the conversation changed. Health care and the candidacy of Luther Strange can die quietly or be happy accidents. The main stage is booked for another culture war argument.

To be sure, the anthem protests are unpopular, so it was a sure button to hit:


Probably pretty accurate symbolism that the majority of this post has been taken up with something that has so little to do with politics. Here are a few quick hits:

Emergency Disaster funding for Puerto Rico coming...


North Korea calls Trump comments an "act of war"