[¨Poll] $15 goodie
Lately, all the $15 goodies have been community milestones we've reached... and I just realized that the latest milestone reward is a digital one! So I'm figuring out what to create for the $15/50 tiers in May and June.

May + June rewards will be shipped together on/before June 13, which allows me to include the notebook + an extra bonus goodie. I'll be ordering these within the next 2 weeks!

  • May ($15/50): 1.5" charm of the Spirit healer. It'll have a little hole so I can attach a phone strap or a keychain to them!
POLL QUESTION: would you prefer a clear acrylic charm, or a wooden charm? You can see some real examples, instead of my terrible mock up, here: clear vs wood.
  • Bonus goodie for May ($15+): Rey + Chewie mermay postcard, maaaybe with a round Chewie sticker? Yes, $25/35 are getting this too! :)
  • June ($15/50): an A5 notebook with Khadgar cover art (which I'll be working on this week). His design will not be added to the notebook options in my store.

Wooden charm (3mm plywood)


Clear Acrylic charm

Poll ended May 11, 2018
19 votes total

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