⚜ Poll based Rewards starting November 2016 Onwards ⚜
As the title suggests, we will be conducting Monthly Polls via our twitter to determine which fandom series will be the topic of our Patreon Rewards starting from November's rewards onwards.

Since INTOXICATED will be taking a hiatus to relaunch in 2017/18, I thought it'd be more relevant to keep our Patreon going for supply funds to make INTOXICATED but it'd make more sense to cater it to what you guys want it to be!

We will choose 3 series every month and the one with the most votes is the theme for the next month's rewards!

The reward types still stands but instead of having INTOXICATED-oriented merchandise, we'll be having fandom based ones just until INTOXICATED is relaunched. 

To vote, follow our twitter listed below! The current poll will be pinned on our profile. 

✧✦ http://twitter.com/leuupus/  

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