Poll for made members about Lawless Democrats
WHICH issue do you think has the chance of most success to prosecute and thus most chance to be looked at in detail by Congress and the FBI?  So this is not about what you wish, just the one that most likely will turn out to become a big problem for democrats

loretta lynch AG influences FBI on behalf of hillary campaign / meets with bill clinton on plane

james comey leaks classified info to friend/media, and other leaks

susan rice unmasked millions and routinely went into the NSA 'safebox' to unmask Trump people and others during the Presidential campaign

hillary emails and huma abedin spreading of classified information carelessly / private email server / destroying evidence

election voter fraud in virginia, michigan, minnesota, california

anwar brother spy network in congress and dnc

seth rich re-opened investigation and new leads

russia connections of various democrats including mark warner, podesta, maxine waters et al

obama's role in unmasking and spreading intel

73 votes total