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Life with Amy (dealing with everyday things in The Wastelands)

Life with Amy (back home)

Xanu and the Stables

How Kyror's parents met

How the King met the Shaman

When the Guardians attacked the temples

A day in the life of the palace with Dali & Cali

TW Tourism hotspot 1/4: Land of Anil (the grasslands)

TW Tourism hotspot 2/4: Land of Thal-ba (the deserts)

TW Tourism hotspot 3/4: Land of Shin-nags (the jungles)

TW Tourism hotspot 4/4: Land of xanxaj-atar (the empty lands)

TW AU: Coffee shop

TW AU: Flower shop

TW AU: Movie night

TW AU: Camping

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