POLL: Monthly Writing Vlog/Livestream

Hi friends!

I was discussing with a friend of mine yesterday about how I actually have a lot of writing stuff to talk about with regard to my work--from research, to characterization, to plotting, and world-building--that isn't always suited very well to the usual blog style posts I share here. And a lot of the time, the posts I share here are very limited and specific, and not very interactive.

My friend suggested that I could start doing live videos in a sort of Q&A style on different aspects of my work. For instance, I could do one about my conlang for STARCALLER, or about the worldbuilding involved in the setting for Chroniker City, or the interesting research I did for BLOOD OF SALT, TEARS OF PEARL.

Is this something you would be interested in, as Patrons? The videos would be aired publicly on Twitch or YouTube, but I was thinking that Patrons could potentially choose the topic and/or ask questions beforehand for me to answer in the video.


Yes, I would be interested in watching.

Yes, I would like watching, voting on topics, and asking questions.

Maybe, I might be interested.

No, I'm not interested.

2 votes total

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