[Poll] NaNoWriMo Cometh! What Should I Write?

This year, I've decreed for myself that NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) is to be the month I let my muse play from this day forward!  

As a healthy habit, I want to give myself permission to let NaNoWriMo be about anything fun I want to do, rather than always having to stay completely focused on my big ambitious projects all year round.  November is going to be no-strings attached fun time!

I wanted to get a head start early on doing some outlining, so I thought you guys could help me pick a topic for November!  I can't guarantee that I'll finish anything, but it'll be fun to try!  Here are some longer pitches for the stories in the poll choices:


TITLE: Sacred & Profane

When Red joined the Blood Hunters' Lodge, she thought she'd be using her awesome skills to be hunting down worthy prey, not babysitting Nils, another hunter who's seemingly good for nothing more than corpse retrieval and granting last rites as an ex-priest.  On the road, the two face the dangers of the Path, their own troubled histories, and finding a true friend in each other.

(Red & Nils, the protagonists of Sacred & Profane)


TITLE: Flame of the Sultana

Rabs never thought that her first mission as a Burning Saint would see her at the edge of civilization escorting a kid who was doomed to die by execution or join the Saints, a refuge for aid workers, particularly criminals who earn redemption through humanitarian efforts. 

Along the way, Rabs distracts her charge with the firetale of her life, hoping to convince them that there is always light in the darkness, even as a mob closes in to exact their own brand of justice against her apathetic ward.

Their journey through the wilderness stirs up old emotions.  Is Rabs a monster like her mother and father who committed atrocities in the name of reform and revolution?  Is her mission a worthy one when misguided innocents are hurt in the process?  The road of a Burning Saint is a long one walked in contemplation, service, and restraint she's not sure she has yet.

The protagonist of Flame of the Sultana, Rabanne Arore.


Are you doing NaNoWriMo too?  Tell me about your projects in the comments!

Feel free to join in sharing your NaNoWriMo ideas in the #artchallenges channel in my Patreon's dedicated Discord server!  This channel is open to everyone, including non-Patrons.  Patrons can also connect their account to see the Patrons-only channels in Discord for secret sneak peeks and my private sketchbook, while non-Patrons can join via this invite link.

I'm looking forward to being done with our move by the end of this month and having a blast with NaNoWriMo this year!

❤ Ang

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