POLL: Pick the $120 Campaign Goal Reward!
I need your help deciding what I should do to celebrate our next campaign goal, because it's your contributions to CK's success that we'll be celebrating!

When I first designed this campaign, my plan for celebrating hitting the $120 goal was to guarantee I'd publish at least one new guide each month. Keep in mind, that goal came before I decided to introduce the DC Universe guides, so I was thinking about working through a relatively small number of remaining Marvel guides.

Clearly, I'm already doing publishing one new guide each month. In fact, pretty much everything I've done in the past six months - from DC Guides to a redesign to Star Wars to reviewing new comics - was originally planned as a celebration of reaching pledge goals in the campaign. I realized that I needed to create this content now to get more viewers to CK, and so I've been swiping it from my list of goal celebrations.

So, with a huge goal approaching at $120, I don't have a reward/celebration planned!

What I don't want to do at $120 is to have that reward be some time-consuming feature, as that immediately gets hard to juggle with keeping the blog updated - I'm still working on the reward from the $84 goal!

Here are my ideas... vote for as many as you like below. I'll leave this poll open until at least 15 people vote. I welcome votes from non-Patrons - since this might be the thing that motivates you to pledge (but, I think you need to have a Patreon login to vote).

If you aren't feeling any of the ideas, I'd love to hear your own idea in the comments below.

Celebrations just for Patrons

Exclusive art postcards

I can commission a post-card size piece of art from an indie artist I love, have it professionally printed, and mail it to you (even those of you outside the US). This would be a small, one-time expense that would only slightly cut into paying for CK for a single month, and it would give you a cool artifact in exchange for pledging! 

(If this is popular, I could see adding custom art postcards to the goals every $100 or so. I've already spoken to a few different artists about it.)

Marvel Unlimited / CK Guide Index

A few months ago I got frustrated with the slowness of Marvel Unlimited, so I jury-rigged together a GoogleDoc that scrapes all of the Marvel Unlimited series and builds URLs that leads full series sorted in order with links to the appropriate CK guide if one exists. 

This probably saves me 30m or more a day of slogging through Marvel Unlimited, and also in jumping to the right spot in the right guide on CK. If enough of you would use this, I'd be happy to clean it up and share.

Patreon video hangout

I'd be totally open to establishing a regular video hangout. Who knows what that could consist of! I mean, the obvious options are talking about comics or singing songs, but I could also read you children's books or demo one of my favorite recipes.

Celebrations for everyone

In-depth review of an issue/arc

I really love writing LONG comic reviews like my review of Black Panther & The Crew, but the the time it takes to review them compared to their disposability means I really have to choose my battles. However, when we hit the goal I could offer a public poll of famous issue choices dissect at length on the blog.

Live tweeting/blogging a movie

I have a pretty big movie collection - and not just comic movies! When we hit the goal I could live tweet or blog my thoughts about a favorite film, with an invitation for readers to watch along at home.

Unlock chapters from my novel

I original posted the first "issue" (i.e., 3 chapters) of my novel  for the big kickoff in November. They didn't get the amount of views I was looking for in exchange for making them free, so I removed them from the posting schedule. However, it's already written and edited, so I could serialize a new issue every time we hit a goal. 

(FYI, the entire issue is available as a PDF for Patreons pledging $1 and up. )

Patrons-Only: Exclusive art postcards

Patrons-Only: Marvel Unlimited / CK Guide Index

Patrons-Only: Patreon video hangout

For Everyone: In-depth review of an issue/arc

For Everyone: Live tweeting/blogging a movie

For Everyone: Unlock chapters from my novel

Something Else (in the comments below)

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