Poll Results - Egyptian Mythology Wins-
These are the results from the combined poll answers on FA/DA. people who chose multiple answers were not counted. People who voted twice, were only counted once.

Da Version: http://ageaus.deviantart.com/journal/July-Commission-Poll-CLOSED-615945637

Fa: Version: http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/7644604/

1. World of Warcraft : 4 Votes

2. Ancient Greek/Roman Mythology: 16 Votes

3. Oceanside Transformations : 8 Votes

4. Ancient Egyptian Mythology: 17 Votes

Egypt mythology narrrowly beat out ancient Greek/Roman mythology. July's commission theme will be Ancient Egyptian Mythology! Although, because it was so close (and I also am very partial to it), I will be doing Greek/Roman Mythology later in the Fall.

Thanks for voting!


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