Welp, I messed up the poll end times again. Not sure how. I mean, I know HOW, but all I had to do was make sure it said "AM" and not "PM", darn it. I don't *think* it made any difference to the results in the end, but I need to be more careful about that (and setting clocks) in the future.

Anyway, the results:


129 Votes -  Mall Date Elliot / Goth Elliot fusion
94 Votes - Magical Girl Tedd

58 Votes - Fairy doll Susan
50 Votes - Female Noah


 117 - AF04 Goth Sarah and Sarah
77 - Mall Date Elliot and Cheerleadra

75 - Cat-sized Catgirl Kitty and Rhoda
69 -  FV5 Justin and MV5 Susan 

Comic Sequence

99 - Larry inadvertently designs his own female form / transformation during a video game's character creation
95 - Greg achieves the pinnacle of anime martial arts with a transformation power up that just happens to be a much smaller female form
57 - Rich transforms into what first seems to be a male romance novel cover form, but winds up the bosomy heroine
43 - Principal Verrückt searches online for school uniforms and quickly regrets pressing a "preview" button for a female uniform

Doubles and sequences were very close this month. Well, not first place for doubles, but the battle for second place (which actually matters for doubles) was fierce. Third place will likely return in next month's poll.

Thank you all very much for voting and for the support!