POLL: What Family Man stuff would you own?
Hello, my dears! I'm assembling print quotes and firming up time frames for the Kickstarter for Volume II of Family Man, which will collect all the pages from Chapter 3. 

 I'm not planning on stretch goals that add a bunch of extra stuff you may not even be interested in receiving. Any products that aren't just the book will be included in reward tiers from the very start!

That means I need to figure out what non-book items you all would be most interested in pledging a little extra for. 

The options here are items that are easy for me to have made, that will pack well with a book, and won't add a lot of weight. Is there something you'd dearly love to have that isn't on the poll? Leave a comment or send me a message!

This list doesn't include high reward tier items like pieces of original art – those I'll be shipping separately, so don't worry that they aren't on the list, here.

Embroidered patch: University of Familienwald's seal

Novelty U of F library card (credit card style)

Vinyl laptop sticker: Werewolf Librarian

Enamel pin: Spinoza's seal

Art print (8x10"): Ariana in Librarian Mode

Art print (8x10"): Luther and Ariana

66 votes total