POLL: What is your biggest chess struggle?
We all have things we can improve. In your opinion, what is your biggest need as a player? 

I will use the answers to this poll to help plan out new content for Better Chess Training in the coming year.

Feel free to elaborate on your answers. Thank you!

I want to improve my tactics. I blunder often and miss tactical opportunities.


I want to improve my positional play. I am not sure where to put my pieces and make plans.


I am not strong in the opening. I don't have a coherent opening repertoire.


Improving my endgame. When there are few pieces on the board, I feel lost.


Improving my thought process. It's a mess!


Handling anxiety and nervousness when playing.


I need help developing a training plan. I could use some direction.


I don't know how to study chess.

Poll ended Jan 1, 2019
6 votes total
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