Polyfacet's Triangles - Build 3D Jigsaw Stars
Welcome to my first Patreon post. I want to share two funny little triangular shapes with you. 

I made them sort of by accident, when I was designing something else and ended up playing with them for a while. There's something very pleasing about the way they fit together and, of course, you don't need to glue them. The zip folder contains the svg file and a PDF with a basic plan for the 12 pointed star (you can use them to make lots of other star and cone shapes).

The svg is sized to fit A4 and US letter sizes and will make 18 triangles.

For best results use 300gsm card. 

It would be fabulous of you if you would post pictures of your makes on My Facebook Page and it would be great if you would follow me here on Patreon, too. I'll be publishing more free mini projects for craft / plot cutters soon.