Polymer Clay Realistic Natural Red Brecciated Jasper Gemstone and Red Turquoise. Gemstone imitation technique.
 Hello my friends! ;) Here is my new veeery interesting video tutorial, which is about how to make imitation of realistic Red Brecciated Jasper gemstone or another name Poppy Jasper, Red Jasper! 

In this video you will find many interesting and helpful tips and tricks! And also, you can see the making process not just one stone type, but around 5 different stones ^_^
Hope you will like this video, and you will find many interesting and helpful things for you! ^_^ Please, enjoy the watching ;)

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- food grinder;

- Thin blade for polymer clay;

- Regular Food bags or film;

- Brushes and tools for paint mixing;

- Rubber gloves or finger cots;

- some small bowls and small containers, plastic bags;

- To form cabochons, you can also use silicone Moulds of any brand!


For this tutorial I took such colors of different brand of clay:


- 5310 Translucent;

- 5044 Translucent Red;

- 5382 Cadmium Red Hue

- Bronze color (black+gold)

- some light brown.


- Translucent

- 1449 Carmine Red

- 3357 Red Rouge


- Translucent

- 400 Red

- 300 Orange

- Powder PearlEx

- Patina by Ranger - Black (Onix), as well as Galze - metal coating and patina extender by Ranger;

- Gold acrylic paint.

! Important LINKS !

Here you can buy sanding tool Poly-Fast machine: https://poly-fast.com/shop/

Here you can buy everything for surface treatment: http://www.nemravka.cz/en/eshop/polymer-clay/surface-treatment-paints-inks-foils-etc.html

Turquoise imitation video tutorial https://youtu.be/5EsqnVAGSG8

- I bake 20 min at 140-150"C.. start from cold oven - I put items in cold oven and set 150... but when I see that my thermometer already shot 150'C - I make 140"C


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