Well, the first version of the new fixture is almost complete. Still need to drill and tap the 3/8 holes for the machinable pit bull clamps that fit into the right side pockets.

This was a HUGE learning curve for me. I'm used to doing one-off work where I might need to do a set of soft jaws and a small run of say 10-15 parts. On this fixture the raw stock will be set up on the left and aligned by a fixed center and dowel pins. The parts use the same tools in the same order so they will get flipped and finished on the right side.

This was definitely not as smooth as I had hoped for but I will be able to use the fixture to prove out my code as I move forward on this job. There are several mistakes; some you can see and some that might not be as obvious.

Here's the quiz - How many can you find from this photo? I know of 4, not counting the same issue multiple times.

Ready? Go!