Porkins Policy Radio episode 77 Homeland Season 6 with Tom Secker and Breaking News with Robbie Martin

In the first hour Tom Secker  joins me to discuss the season premier of Homeland season six.  We talk  about the season reboot which has become a ubiquitous feature of  Homeland.  Tom and I begin by discussing our initial impressions of the  season and where we think the show is going on a political and emotional  level.  Next we move onto one of the new and most interesting  characters in the show, President-elect Elizabeth Keane, the junior  Senator from New York.  We talk about how this character is not a  character of Hillary Clinton as we and any others predicted, but instead  a much more complex character which in many ways is closer to Donald  Trump.  We discuss the ideas and politics that the CIA is putting forth  in this new season.  Tom and I talk about how the notion of the CIA  plotting against the president-elect is not only a major story line in  Homeland but also in real life vis-a-vis Trump and the CIA.  The two of  us also talk about the idea that this season of Homeland will retell and  reinvent the story of Al Qaeda.  We explore the possibility that this  is the overarching story the CIA wants to put out the the public, and  that a new form or wave of jihadi attacks may be in-store for the West.    

In the second hour frequent guest Robbie Martin  joins us to discuss some of the latest political and geopolitical  events.  We begin by exploring the childish discourse from both Trump  and the media over the past several weeks.  Next we talk about our  opinions of the recent “intelligence report” claiming that Trump is a  Russian Manchurian candidate.  We talk about our thoughts on the  possibility of violence erupting between Israel and Palestine.  Robbie  and I focus on some of the strange stories coming about of Israel  including: Israeli jets bombing Damascus, and US officials warning  Israel not to share intelligence with Trump. The Two of us discuss our  feelings on increased rhetoric of the all powerful Russian state against  our quaint democratic life in the US.  Robbie and I touch on the recent  commutation of Chelsea Manning and the possibility that Julian Assange  will stand trial in America. We also talk about Glenn Greenwald’s recent  use of the term Deep State.  Robbie and I round out the conversation by  discussing some of our fears overs Trump’s domestic policies.