Porkins Policy Radio episode 60 Ed Opperman Hillary health, alt-media problems and more
The one and only Ed Opperman joins us today on a special pre-recordedepisode for a wide ranging conversation. We start off with some unavoidable election news: the latest Hillary Clinton health scare. Ed discusses his recent interviews with Dr. Ted Noel and former Secret Service agent Gary Byrne. We explore the role that the Secret Service plays in deep-state events such as JFK, and the Reagan shooting.  Ed discusses his PI work which has focused on Secret Service malfeasance.  We also discuss a what if scenario, in which Hillary is incapacitated in office and Bill steps in.

In the second hour Ed and I commiserate a bit about the alt-media. We talk about the strains that it can put on your life as well as why it is so necessary in your society. Ed and I both discuss why the alt-media needs to grow up and start doing serious work. Later we talk about the “moral dilemma” that many have over the use of advertisers in alt-media.  We also touch on the notion that Russia and other foreign powers may be infiltrating and massaging certain sectors of the alternative movement.  We finish off by talking about one of my favorite New York characters,
private investigator Bo Deitl.

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