Porkins Policy Radio episode 67 Spirit Cooking Election Special
 Today we have a special Election Day episode of the show. We are  joined by good friends Tom Secker and Aaron Franz from Transresister  Radio and Themes and Memes to discuss all things presidential. We begin  by discussing our general outlook and feelings on the election and the  traumatic effects it has had on us. Later we discuss the occult  overtones through out this election and voting in general. The three of  us touch on the “Spirit Cooking” scandal surrounding John Podesta and  how this is yet another example of the mainstreaming of alternative  culture. We also break down the idea that this election has actually  reinvigorated the public’s admiration for the office of the presidency.  We also touch on the idea of the electorate being the archetypal  “Willing Fool” in the magik ritual that is voting. 

In the second hour Tom and I discuss the documentary film The Perfect  Candidate which chronicled the failed senate race of Oliver North. The  two of us also explore the recent rape scandal against Donald Trump  which has now been dropped by accuser Katie Johnson. We also give our  predictions for what lays in store for future presidential elections;  including the possible run by Kayne West.

For show notes and more please visit: https://porkinspolicyreview.com/2016/11/10/porkins-policy-radio-episode-67-spirit-cooking-election-day-special/

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