Porsche Macan Rim Pack (Exclusive)


Sixth exclusive is something new, a RIM PACK with all Porsche Macan Rims that are available in REAL LIFE!*

Of course you can use these rims on other cars as well!

Also, check out the COMBO bonus at the end of this post if you want to buy the Macan car and the Macan rims together!

* Not including the rim that comes with my stock car.



[General info

Model: Porsche AG

Color 4: Rims (Paintable ones)

Includes LOD0 and LOD1

LOD0 is around 10,000 polygons for all rims

All textures are embedded

All rims are between 2,51 and 2,77 MB

7 rim types, 19 variations total

[Included Rims]

  • 21" Sport Classic 
  • 21" Sport Classic Black
  • 21" Sport Classic Platinum
  • 21" Sport Classic Painted
  • 21" Macan SportDesign
  • 21" Macan SportDesign Black
  • 19" Macan Design
  • 19" Macan Design Black
  • 19" Macan Turbo
  • 19" Macan Turbo Black
  • 19" Macan S
  • 19" Macan S Black
  • 19" Macan S Painted
  • 19" Macan
  • 19" Macan Black
  • 19" Macan Painted
  • 21" RS Spyder Design
  • 21" RS Spyder Design Black
  • 21" RS Spyder Design Painted


Add-on: SUV section

Buy now (rim pack only) for €3 

Discount Combo Pack:

Buy now (Macan car+rim pack) for €7

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