PORTFOLIO update and Q&A schedule
Because of your wonderful support I don't have to make so much commissions and can focus on my own work and doing things for you also. 

But I also tend to take small, interesting commissions to make my name known better in Japan (most of my followers live abroad and having more works done in Japan would be good when I will be looking to publish things here).

I can share with you two commissions I did recently:

A cover for a magazine called "Metro Guide": 


And a cover for a novel called "Ghost Runner":



About this week's Q&A session: I'm thinking about a little bit different schedule compared to last mont's so those of you who could not take part will be able to this month. 

What do you think about

16th (Saturday) 11:00 AM  Tokyo Time  which is

7:00 PM (19:00) Previous Day 15th  San Francisco Time 

this video will be of course available later to watch on YouTube (private video only for Patreon supporters) and you can leave your questions here.

I'm also thinking about making the session in my studio space this time so you can ask me about tools etc.