Portrait Course Update & Lex Redraw

Hey guys! I wanted to share this comparison image with you, I've been taking the portrait course for a couple weeks now and I'm starting to notice an overall shift in my drawing/shading style for faces. 

The first thing I learned was the Loomis method, which is a way of mapping out the proportions of the head. I thought I already knew how to do this but as it turns out I was making a few critical errors which were causing me to make some pretty preventable mistakes. After a lot of practice, I find I'm now able to draw heads the exact angle I want them far more easily than before, though I still need some practice on the more extreme angles. Below is a pic of Grey I sketched with this method (from page 419). 

Since learning how to draw the eyes and the nose properly, I can already see some small issues with it, but overall the structure of his face is much more defined, which makes it much easier to shade. The problem with my old lineart, was that even if the lines/sketch looked okay, it would fall apart as soon as I tried to shade the face. The lack of structure (seen in the 1st pic of Lex above) forced me to use a simplified shading style, which made the art look more flat and somewhat more cartoony than I was going for. 

A couple times in the past I said I wanted to shift the comic's art to look more realistic (especially for the remake), so I'm hoping I'm making some strides in that direction.

Anyway, that's it from me for today, thanks as always for your support! :D

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