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Portrait Workshop Part 1
I’ve always wanted to do this: a YouTube watercolor workshop where I explain how I paint a full-color portrait in detail. I will roll them out one per day this week. This portrait is challenging: messy salt and pepper hair, wrinkles, a beard, and shadows. Part one shows you how I “paint” with masking fluid to produce highlights and the way I use the wet-into-wet technique to create skin. The entire workshop lasts around 27 minutes. I’ve broken it up into four parts because my computer can’t handle one big video. It had more than enough trouble with these separate chunks! If people are interested, I might try to create one extra fast speed painting of the entire portrait in the future, but somebody needs to get a more powerful computer first. HO HO HO. Big thanks to my cousin Tyler Sharpe, who took the reference photo and kindly gave me permission to use it. Tyler and his wife Natalie are truly gifted photographers based in Nashville.